Friday, February 28, 2014

Lucy update and a new view...

We had Lucy tested last week for Auditory Processing Disorder and I'm happy to say, she passed it perfectly!
Next step is testing for learning disabilities. 
Lucy's teacher filled out all the necessary paperwork for the school district (our new district) to have her evaluated.  
I received the call two weeks ago inviting Jeff and I to attend the monthly Special Ed  team meeting to determine whether or not they were going to proceed with testing. 
I was told this would be a 5 minute meeting and technically we didn't even have to be there.
Well, I decided to attend anyway, (without Jeff) hoping to hear some good news. 
I walk into the meeting this morning and there's 25 people in attendance wanting me to me to tell them about Lucy. 
Whoa, deep breath in... I do not like public speaking and did I mention, it' 25 people!
I had nothing prepared.. 
It started out rough, my voice was cracking, a little bit of the "ugly cry" was coming out. 
Ya'll know what I'm talking about..  UGH! 
Over the next 20 mins my heart literally was on display, right there on the table for everyone to see.
I talked about her developmental delays, her speech, her reading, her gross motor skills, everything! 
This team of people slowly started to ask me questions and they quickly put me at ease. 
These are hands down the nicest people I've met since moving here.
They are going to proceed with testing.  :)
I'm starting to let go of the fear I have and realize that this is the best thing I could be doing for Lucy to help her be successful.

(iphone photo)
We had our house inspection last week and I snapped a few photos with my iphone. 
This is a quick photo I took of Lucy looking out at the front yard.
Is it crazy to say I wanted to buy this house because of these windows and because of the trees?  I'm always thinking of where I can take photos and where the Christmas tree is going. :)
And just look at the view! 
Now, I just have to get in there and paint all the ugly stained trim.

This is the view of the backyard from the deck.  
Just 3 more weeks!  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Last week, we found out Jack had been the victim of a cyber-bully.
I hear about these things all the time on the media, yet it was still a shock that this happened to one of my kids. 
This cyber-bully started an Instagram account with Jacks photo and set up a vulgar profile with a link to a porn website.
Jack was devastated.
We were in shock that someone would do this.
Jack is popular at his school and has many friends.
We immediately contacted Instagram to have the site removed and we emailed the school principal.
It took almost a week,  but the bully finally came forward.  

Jeff and I discussed at great length in how we wanted to handle this.  Did we want to have the police step in? Did we want to sit down with this boy and his family and give them a piece of our mind?
After talking it over and discussing it with Jack, we decided that grace and forgiveness is what we want to extend to this boy and his family.
It's obviously devastating for us, but we know it's devastating for this other family as well.
This particular kid set up this IG account thinking it was funny, he either did not care or had no idea of the consequences of his actions.

Shortly after moving here to Spokane, we had an situation where Jack had made some bad choices (name calling and rock throwing) to a boy in our neighborhood. He apologized for his actions, yet the boy and his family wouldn't accept it, wouldn't let it go, instead they branded him "bully" and slandered Jack to others in the neighborhood and the school.
This families actions caused distress for Jack and our family for months.. 
I have vowed, I will never do that to any family!  
We want our kids to learn holding on to resentment and anger towards others, only hurts you. 
In my own experiences over 42 years, I know just how un-healthy this can be.
We told Jack he needs to forgive this boy and let it go, even though it's hard,  it's the right thing to do.  He of course listened and agreed, but we didn't really know if he was going to be able to.

Today we received an email from the principal describing what happened in his office when the cyber-bully apologized to Jack.  He said Jack made eye contact with this boy the entire time then he read the boys apology letter.  Jack said, "I accept your apology and I forgive you." 
The principal said it was a moment he wished could have been video taped to show others.
He said that Jack showed amazing grace and forgiveness.
When I read the email this morning, I started to cry... 
everyday I feel like I'm making a million mistakes and screwing it up, today I got a reminder I'm doing something right!  
I'm SO proud of my son!  
Jack you are amazing!

*Just a side note.. the boy involved with this incident is facing consequences and our school is using this as a teachable moment for the rest of it's students. *

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Jack has been playing basketball this season too.
I was able to take some photos this past week of one of his games.
I'm certainly not a sports photographer, but if you look close you can see I managed to capture an awesome action series. 
Here goes...
Jack dribbling towards the basket....

He's eyeing the basket...

He decides to go for it...
Look at the much taller boy trying to block Jack's shot..
Notice the ball, way up almost out of frame...

The ball continues toward the basket....

and it's IN!  
He scores!
The crowd went nuts!  I heard lots of people yelling Jack's name.
He may be small, but he's fast and aggressive.  He usually scores a couple of baskets per game. 
He's having a great season!

After game pep talk.
Good job Jack!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Just keep moving....

Just keep moving seems to be our theme...
I never thought my little family would be so busy.
I actually hate being busy, but having 3 kids in school and sports makes for crazy busy days, nights and weekends.
We are constantly on the go.  

We have decided we can no longer continue at this crazy pace.
We have decided to purchase a home close to the kids' school.
We are all thrilled to add more hours to our days.
My poor kids leave for school at 7:10 am and come home on the late bus at 7:00pm, then eat dinner and do homework. 

I had to "open" my mind... 
and look at homes for their potential, rather than their current states. 
The new home we are purchasing was built in 1987 and still looks like 1987 on the inside, but it has AMAZING potential! 
And the private/wooded back yard makes me swoon!
Best of all, we have plenty of space to spread out and it's 2 miles from school! Did I mention... it's 2 miles from school?!!!!
Looks like we will be moving into our new home in late March.
We moved to Spokane almost 3 years ago and I feel like we had a "false start" and I'm anxious to be in a different part of the city and have a new beginning. 
I'm praying we are blessed with great neighbors and a strong sense of community.
Our new house is located on a cul-de-sac and we've heard most of the families have either teenagers or are empty nesters.
We have also heard there's quite a bit of moose sightings.
Oh my!  
I can't wait to get the keys and let the painting begin! 
Of course, it's going to be lots of white on white!  :)
I will post photos soon!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Dream Bigger!

 Our wedding day February 5, 1994

Jeff and I celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary earlier this week!
I really can't believe it's been 20 years since I said, "I do" 
Where has the time gone?
I'm not going to lie... those first 3 years were rough, I wasn't sure we could make it through.
We both had some maturing to do.
I'm so happy we worked through and made our marriage work.
I can't imagine going through life's journey without Jeff by my side.
He is a man of unmistakeable character and such a great dad!
If someone would have told me on my wedding day what my life would be like 20 years later.. I wouldn't have believed them.
God's plan for my life has truly been bigger and better than my own. 
Jeff and I have talked for years about taking a trip to Hawaii with the kids to celebrate 20 years together.
Well, we decided we aren't going to Hawaii..... 
We are going to France instead!
Do you remember our sweet exchange student we hosted last year, our sweet Capucine?
Well, her family has invited to come stay with them in France!
It's an opportunity we can't pass up.
I still can't believe it!  We are going to get to experience France in a way that most never get the chance to.  And we get to be re-united with Capucine, our French daughter. 
We have bought our tickets for late August and we are working on passports.
I feel like all those years of yearning for a trip to Hawaii and God was whispering.. "dream bigger"