Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Footcycles is up and running!!  There is a button on the right side, click it and go to the website.  This is a new business Jeff and his buddy, Dave started.  It is little wooden bikes for kids that have no pedals....yes, that's right no pedals.  These bikes are designed to teach kids balance.  These bikes replace the need for a tricycle, and then a bike with training wheels.  Designed for your 2-5 year old to get on and go!  Check it out and give us your feedback.  

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Summer 09 Pics

Welcome to the US BBQ

We were invited to a Welcome to the US BBQ by another host family in our area.  Eugene came to the US through the C.A.S.T. program, along with two other boys from China, Charles and Jia Wei.  We have gotten together several times with the other two host families.  It's been great for the boys to get together and fun for us too.  We have made some good friendships from the exchange program.  The other families also have girls from China.  Here are photos from the BBQ we went to yesterday at Kent and Sheri's home, they are Jia Wei's host family. 

Charles and Eugene
Olivia and Lucy with Tybee

The exchange students....Eugene, Jia Wei and Charles

Jack playing with their dog

Jim and Willow-Charles host family

Kent and Sheri-JiaWei's host family

Our dear friend Yu Li and her twin boys, Jeff and John

Tybee, Lucy and Meadow

Day Trip to Mt Evans

We woke up on a Saturday morning and thought it would be fun to take a "day trip" to Mt Evans.  We decided to go before they close the road.  Mt Evans is the highest elevation road in North America.  The road usually closes in late September, because it is impassable due to snow.  We ended the trip with a visit to our favorite Mexican restaurant in Evergreen.  

Family photo with Eugene

Learning the differences between big horn sheep and mountain goats. 

Beautiful view from the top of Mt Evans

Big Daddy's Big Crash!

Jeff was in a car accident on the morning of September 14th.  He had just dropped Eugene off at the High School and was going to work.  A car, with two teenage girls pulled right out in front of him.  Luckily, no one was injured....except the 4 Runner.  Just a little reminder to count your blessings every day.