Friday, July 30, 2010

Uncle Mark and Cousin Emma

Uncle Mark and Emma came to visit us this week from St Louis. We had so much fun, going out for ice cream, taking the train downtown, jet skiing at the lake and hiking.

The kids had a great time playing and hanging out their uncle and cousin. We don't get to see them very often so, it was a special treat to have almost 5 days with them. We enjoy playing "tourist" in our town. Here are just some of the fun photos taken while they were here.

Notice Jack, sneaking himself into the photo?

We were taking "jumping" photos while waiting for the train.

Uncle Mark and Emma

Yummy lunch downtown at the HardRock Cafe.

Jet Skiing at the lake


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Sweet Pickle Gets Stitches

Jack was playing kickball today in our neighbors backyard, when he fell and landed (knee first) on metal landscape edging. I was upstairs in my bedroom folding laundry when I heard him scream. I ran down the stairs and outside to see my neighbor helping Jack walk up the driveway.

Jack was hysterical and didn't want me to look at or touch his knee. Of course, there was blood running down his leg and I was trying to clean him up so I could see the damage. I took one look and knew he needed stitches.

Crazy thing ....I was home without a car!!! Jeff took my car to work today because his car is in the shop. Murphys Law huh??? Luckily, my neighbor offered to give us a ride to the emergency room.

Jack ended up having to have 13 stitches.
Now, my (very active) sweet pickle will have to take it easy for the next 10 days. No, kickball, baseball, running, swimming, etc. Oh, what will he do??? What will I do???

I was able to document each step with the camera on my Blackberry. I'm sure the staff thought I was crazy but, they played along anyway. :)

Getting wheeled back to the ER


13 stitches...4 of which are on the inside. YIKES!!!

Our brave boy with the doctor and nurse.

Wordless Wednesday


Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yesterday, Lucy informed me she wants to be a Chinese Girl for Halloween.

Silly Silly girl!!!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Me and My BFF

I forgot to mention, she's also CRAZIER than a fox in a hen house!!! She read this post and then posted one of our college indiscretions on her blog HERE. HA HA HA!!!!!!
*No judging please, we were in college and didn't always make the best choices.

Staci is my best friend, my confidant. We have been friends for over 20 years. We met in high school. We went to neighboring schools and met while we were dating boys that happened to be best friends. Those boys are long gone (thank God) but, we have remained close friends. We ended up being college roommates our freshman year and Staci was also matron of honor at my wedding.

Staci is beautiful, smart and oh, so witty!! She always makes me laugh. She is strong physically and emotionally. In 2001 she endured a family tragedy and even though it was extremely hard for her, she pulled through with amazing grace.

She is fashion savvy and always knows the latest trends. I often look to her for fashion advice. She is a teacher and a writer/author, yes she's even written a book!!

We have spent the past 20+ years laughing together, crying together and laughing so hard, we cried. When I'm with her my cheeks hurt from laughing so much. We have "our places" and countless inside jokes. She always lifts me up and makes me feel better about myself.

We have remained close even though we live in different states and are at different stages in our lives. I'm busy raising 3 kids and she has one son in college!!!...GASP, I know, she looks 25!!!

I am blessed to have her in my life!!!

Thank you Staci, for your friendship!!! I love you!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kansas City

Grammy and Papa live just a few blocks from an historic town square. I took the kids over there to get some fun photos. I love playing and experimenting with my camera. I took several of these photos and did an "antique" effect through I-photo to soften the look. I have Photoshop and still haven't taken the time to figure out how to use it.

Thanks kiddos for being patient with me while, I played mamarazzi. :)

This reflection one was actually Olivia's idea. She's artsy fartsy like that!

This is one I snapped of Jack while he was dancing. He says he "ONLY dances for money" ....Lord, help me. :)

We also got a chance to visit my grandpa. The kids call him "grandpo" We love and miss him. Jack asked him tons of questions about being in WWII. Grandpo showed Jack his discharge papers, his Purple Heart and Jack got to try on his WWII jacket. Jack was in aaahhh!