Monday, July 27, 2009

Our "Adopt Teens"

Our adoption agency, CCAI asked if we would like to be a host family for their annual "Adopt Teen" conference.  It is a conference for teens who have been adopted from China to come to Denver and spend the weekend with other kids just like them.  We were honored to be a host family and had a great time getting to know Jo and Marianne.  These two young ladies were absolutely amazing.... sweet, articulate and polite.  They were so candid and open about how they feel about their adoptive families and how they feel lucky to have been adopted by loving parents.  I made sure to tell them, their families are lucky too to have them as their daughters.  These girls really impressed Jeff and I and we can hope that our Lucy views her life and circumstances the way they do.  We hope to host them again next year.  

Enjoying yummy treats at Dairy Queen

Silly on a hook!


Saturday morning, playing ZINGO

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friends from Tennessee

Our good friends, the Turner family from Tennessee came to visit us.  We met the Turners in China, they were in our adoption travel group.  Their daughter, Zoe and our Lucy were in the orphanage together in China.  The Turners also have an 11 year old boy, Jackson.  We had a great time.  We went to Red Rocks Park and to Colorado Springs to the Garden of the Gods.  Lucy and Zoe are just too cute together.  

Family photo at Red Rocks

Turner family photo at Red Rocks

Red Rocks amphitheatre

Olivia and Jackson

Lucy and Zoe with my lillies

Group photo at Garden of the Gods

The kids

Ancient Dwellings

Lucy and Zoe holding up Balancing Rock

Skipping and singing together!

1st Day of School 09-10

I can't believe I finally have all 3 kids in school!  Here are the photos of their first day.  Olivia, 6th grade, Jack 3rd and Lucy's second round of Kindergarten.  

Lucy Lu all smiles, ready to go to the "big school"

Jack looks thrilled...don't you think?


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beaver Creek with Grammy

These are photos taken last month at Beaver Creek.  My mom came out for her summer visit and we spent 3 days in the mountains.  We had an awesome time.  Beaver Creek has become my favorite place for a mountain getaway.