Friday, July 10, 2015

Some super heros don't wear capes..

A few weeks ago we celebrated this man.. we had him over for dinner and showered him with gift cards to some of his favorite places.
This man was Lucy's 4th grade teacher, he was the one who help us discover Lucy's vision suppression and dyslexia.  
He adores Lucy and wanted to continue to help her.
He came to us this past fall and asked if he could tutor Lucy through 5th grade. 
He came to our house every Monday night this past school year and tutored Lucy for free!  
You read that right, Free!  
He is an amazing man and teacher! A true super hero in our books!
With his help, Lucy has made great progress.  We has helped build her foundation to soar. 
I always pray that our kids would be blessed with great friends and great teachers!
It's great to see those prayers answered.