Friday, August 28, 2015

Capucine visits!

Our French daughter and sister came to visit us the last 2 weeks of July. 
We had so much fun.. the time went quickly.
We tried to pack in as many things as possible.
When Capucine lived with us as an exchange student in 2013, she was here in Spokane for Jan, Feb and March.. probably the worst time of year.
That winter was very cold and we did enjoy a trip to Seattle for spring break, but other than that we didn't do much, so we really wanted to show her Spokane in the summer.
All of these photos were taken with my iphone.. 

 Capucine's flight was direct from Paris to Seattle.
Since both of our cars are older with high mileage, Jeff suggested I get a rental car to drive to Seattle to pick up Capucine.
We ended up renting this cute VW bug for the day.
The girls loved it!

 We had a little Saturday morning crepe party..
We love Capucine's crepes!  :)

 We did some local sight-seeing.. this was at Riverside State Park.

 The view of a storm rolling in from atop Mt Spokane...
I'm thinking this was the only rainy weekend we had all summer.

 A chicken wing dinner.. Capucine loves American chicken wings. :)

 We enjoyed some down time too.. just hanging out on the back deck.

 Jeff and ended up taking the girls on a mini vacay to Portland OR.
This was a stop at Multnomah Falls on the way to Portland. 

 We were told the best way to see Portland was to eat your way through.. 
Our first stop was Salt and Straw ice cream.. 

 We then headed to Cannon Beach for the day..
It was chilly, but SO beautiful.  I cannot wait to go back.

 There was a full moon and low tide.. it was cool to be able to walk out this far.

 Voo-Doo Donuts..
another fun stop.  The donuts were HUGE!

 beacause I love fun signage.. 
Portland is weird, but a fun place. 

We headed back to Seattle to stay overnight and get Capucine back to the airport..
As we were headed to the Pike Market we passed this group of young sailors and I couldn't resist a photo op.    :)
We dearly miss our sweet Capucine and we are so thankful she was able to come us this summer. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I'm so behind in blogging...
Here is a photo from Big Daddy's 45th Birthday celebration in July.  
I'm so in love with this amazing man!
Happy 45 Jeff!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fun with the bestie...

Early in July I went to Seattle to meet up with my bestie of 27+ years.
We hung out in Seattle and then went over to Orcas Island. 
We shopped, we drank, we laughed.. a lot!
I even survived driving in Seattle traffic.. :)
I took mostly iphone pics, but I was able to capture some fun street photography/signage.
Here's just a few of the photos from our get-away.

 Staci and I were in the Pike Market and turned down a back ally and saw this homeless man napping.  I could't help but take a picture.  I have never really gotten into street photography, but this really spoke to me.  It's one of my favorites. 

I love to think of myself as a "wanna be" hippie, so when Staci pointed this out to me I had to take a photo of it.  
I found this sign on Amazon and I plan on ordering it.  :)
Thanks Staci!  Let's do it again soon!