Monday, January 27, 2014

A little photo fun!

 We have a great, mild winter and I'm taking full advantage!  
We are even seeing sun.. in January!
Two weeks ago, Jack agreed to go out for a photo shoot with me.
I knew I wanted to go downtown and do more of urban typed shoot.
I told him to bring a few things and I bribed him with bottled Coke.
My kids think Coke in the bottle is so cool.  :)

 I was playing with these photos in photoshop and decided to add a radial blur to both of these.
The top one is motion blur and the bottom one is a zoom blur. 
I thought it added more interest to the photo.
They definitely show Jacks personality.. he's my free spirit.  

This photo of Lucy was one I submitted for my photography assignment "drama"
I took this indoors, low light and had to remove color cast and shadows.
I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and trying tons of different things to figure out what I like... this year is the year I will define my style, my signature look/feel. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter formal

Last weekend was winter formal. 
Olivia and her friends got ready at our house.
It was so fun to see these girls primping and giggling.
They all had dates, but they met up with their dates downtown for dinner and then headed to the dance.
These girls are just the sweetest!
I posted this photo earlier this week on FB and I had a friend comment about how appropriately dressed these girls are. 
I have to agree.. these girls are more about being classy than sexy. 

I captured this of Olivia while she while she applied her lipstick, one more time.  :)
It speaks volumes to me... I just can't believe what a great young lady she's becoming.
She has many exciting things ahead for her this year. 
She is going to China for 2 weeks this summer to serve in 6 different orphanages.
I have to admit, I'm nervous to send her half way around the world for 2 weeks, but I'm excited for her to have this great opportunity. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Before and After...

Before and after...
If you are anything like me, you love a before and after.
As an aspiring photographer, I probably shouldn't be sharing these.
I should act as if I get a "perfect shot" straight off my camera.
Well, the reality is... photoshop takes it to the next level, gives photos that pop, wow factor!
Photoshop has become my friend, it was my Mt Everest.  :)
It wasn't that long ago when I would look at a photo I had taken and I could tell you everything that was wrong with it, but I no clue as to how to fix it.
I still have a ton to learn, but I feel good with the progress I'm making.
I owe it all to Lisa, my teacher and mentor.
I've been taking classes from her for the past two + years.
I was able to attend a workshop in PA back in October and meet her in person.
It was great!  

These shots of Lucy were taken last Sunday.
My photo assignment was to take some photos that represent "my style"
I still feel like I'm discovering what "my style" is, but I know I'm getting closer.
I'm looking forward to pushing myself even farther in 2014!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do you recognize this girl???

Look closely at these photos.
Do you recognize the girl wearing the white uniform, #2???

That's my Olivia, who decided to play basketball this year.
I was totally surprised.  Up until now, she's only played tennis. 
I'm happy that she wanted to try a team sport. 
She is working hard at the skills needed to be a great player.
These photos were taken from last Saturdays game, where they lost.  
Her team won their game tonight.  
Olivia scored the last 2 points to seal the win!
I'm so proud of this girl for trying new things and getting in the game!

Wrapping up 2013

Lots of pics here as I try to finish out 2013 in one post. 

Tree Day!
My favorite day of the year.
It'a always on the 1st Saturday of December. 
It was crazy cold, but we survived and picked out a beautiful tree. 

Jack did the honors this year of cutting down the tree. 

Olivia said, "take my picture, I'm a tree hugger"  :)

Christmas Eve is always fun for us.
We let the kids open one gift each and eat yummy snacks and hang out by the tree. 

My silly girls!

Jack got a ukulele!  
I want to learn to play it.  :)

Christmas JOY!

Christmas morning!
Jack was surprised to get a new snowboard. 

Lucy showing/wearing her stocking stuffers.

We had a great Christmas!
My mom was here and my aunt Patti came to visit from Arizona.
We didn't get to relax much this year between Christmas and New Years... Someone in our house has been very busy with a new activity.
I plan to blog about it soon.  
2013 was a CRAZY year for us full of lots of change and challenges. 
I'm looking forward to 2014!