Sunday, September 29, 2013


I'm back to blog world after a bloggy break.
It was nice to just enjoy our summer and not worry about keeping up this blog. 
We had several visitors, family from Kansas City and friends from Denver.
The first part of summer I was crazy busy driving kids to tutoring, Chinese school and drivers ed. 
The last month of summer break we did nothing but play!
It was super fun.  I didn't have my big camera out much, I just captured some fun moments with my phone.  
I've become a big fan of Instagram.  
You can find me at twoandlu.

 We had one rainy day... 
I captured this of Lucy, she loves to dance in the rain.
I love and admire her zest for life.  

 We went to Greenbluff to pick peaches, not once, but twice.
I made peach cobbler, peach crisp and peach smoothies.  
We are a family that loves peaches.

 We witnessed some amazing sunsets.  
Our new rental is close the river and we went out walking or biking just about every night.

 We have been hanging out with Grammy daily.
We LOVE having her here.
I cannot tell you what a blessing it is having her close by.

 We spent a weekend at a friends lake cabin. 
I woke up early to capture this amazing sunrise.
We paddle boarded, skied and saw a moose.  
The moose was a highlight for Jack.

 My mom and I bought matching crusier bikes in different colors.
We have been out biking a few times per week.
It's really fun.
People always smile when they see us on the trail.
The basket and bell makes it complete. 

 Here's the 1st day of school pic.
Jeff made me this huge chalkboard and it's hanging in our dining area. 
We have been having fun with it.

This is my favorite photo taken this summer with my phone.
Capturing amazing light is what fuels my photography passion.
I hope to post some of my latest work on here soon.
I'm in the process of learning some new editing software and it's both fun and a challenge. 

Goodbye summer!