Thursday, July 24, 2014


We have this darling cupcake shop close by and I've been dying to get in there and do a fun photo shoot.  
I wanted to take Olivia and do some "sweet 16" photos, but it just never worked out.
I had some time earlier this week and took Lucy for a "sweet photoshoot"
Of course she was excited... who doesn't love cupcakes?
I have a dream, a BIG dream of doing commercial photography... I would love to do these types of photo shoots everyday. 
It was SO much fun!  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Last night we celebrated Big Daddy's 44th Birthday!
Grammy joined us for a yummy Mexican fiesta complete with homemade guacamole and pomegranate margaritas!
And of course, a yummy homemade double layer chocolate cake.   :)
After dinner we took the celebration out to the cul-de-sac and shared remaining cake and margaritas with the neighbors until almost 11:00 p.m. 
We love our neighbors... we are right where we are supposed to be and it's a great feeling!
I took this of Jeff and kids with my iPhone.  
We love you Big Daddy!
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

Our 4th of July

We had a fun and relaxing 4th of July.
We had friends in town from Denver... I plan to post those photos later this week.
We hung out here at home and watched the fireworks at the Indians baseball game.
Living in the Northwest, you learn quickly that summer doesn't start until the 4th of July.
It's almost as if someone flips a switch and it's summer, hot and dry. 
You cannot beat a Spokane summer, it's perfect!
We plan on enjoying every minute because it's going to go by fast.
I had so much fun taking 4th of July photos last year that I decided to do it again this year.
I wanted to take some fun sparkler photos, but didn't get around to it.

This might become my new obsession... 
underwater photos!
I recently purchased a little waterproof point and shoot.
I took this photo last night at our little neighborhood pool.  
I can't wait to take more underwater photos, they're tricky, but fun!

Sunday, July 6, 2014


I wanted to do a fun photo shoot of Lucy tubing in the little Spokane River.
It took a few days, but I found a tube and a fun hat.  
The swimsuit is a hand-me-down from Olivia. 
We set out early Saturday morning before the trail was crowded to work on my photography assignment. 
We have a beautiful hiking trail just 1/2 mile from our house that leads to the little Spokane River.
I love incorporating natural elements into my photography. 
It was fun to do a series a photos, rather than just try to capture that one perfect shot.  
I have a few more projects in the works that I'm super excited about.  
These were all taken with my new 85mm.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Updates from Olivia

 I've been in touch with Olivia just about every day of her China trip.
She is having such an amazing experience.  
Here are just a few of the photos she has sent me. 

Olivia texted me last week and said she had fallen in love with a "little sister." Yes, that's right... she feel in love with a little girl named Rose and begged us to adopt her.
Well, luckily we didn't have to make any decisions on whether or not to bring home child number 4.   Rose already has a family in the process of bringing her home.  :)
Rose will have a permanent place in Olivia's heart. 
Olivia sent me this pic and my heart melted too.. What a little doll!

Olivia and her group went to the Agape Children's Home.  This is an orphanage for kids who have brittle bone disease. 
At this facility they have children's artwork hanging on the walls for sale. 
The money for the artwork goes to support the children's home. 
Olivia bought this painting and they asked her if she would like to meet the little boy who painted it.  She of course, said "Yes!"
She met this budding artist and had him sign the painting. 
She can't wait to hang this in her room.  
Olivia's room is done in aqua blues and I think this pop of orange will be gorgeous in there. 

Olivia also had the chance to meet up with Jing Fei (Jennifer).  Jennifer is our newest exchange student and will be joining us for the 2014-2015 school year.  
Olivia says Jennifer is super sweet and is looking forward to her staying here. 
Olivia arrives home tomorrow afternoon.
I cannot wait to see her and hear more about her trip!