Friday, May 29, 2009

Lucy's Kindergarten Graduation

Scroll down and turn off the playlist before playing video, so the music doesn't interfere.  

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lucy Lu's Kindergarten Graduation

Lucy graduated from Kindergarten this past week.  She did such a great job.  I will have Jeff post the video this weekend.  In just 6 short weeks she will be starting Kindergarten at Eldorado.  Lucy had missed the cutoff last year by 24 days and we ended up sending her to private Kindergarten at Christ Lutheran.  She had a great experience and is so excited about going to Olivia and Jack's school.

That's our girl!!!!
Ms Switzer and the little graduate

Happy Girl!!

Me and my girls

The 1st Kindergarten class of Christ Lutheran

Lucy with her best buddy, Ashley

Grandma Schaefer and Aunt Maryann visit

Grandma and Aunt Maryann came from St Louis to visit us and Jeff's sister, Diane. They spent a Saturday afternoon with us. We had so much fun playing the Wii and laughing all day. We went to Red Robin for Grandma's birthday dinner and then back to our house for cake. We really enjoyed seeing them and spending a fun-filled day with all of them.

Grandma and Aunt Maryann
Aunt Maryann and Diane

Grandma and her cake with the now famous, Chinese candle. :)

The kids

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Olivia's Birthday

Olivia celebrated her birthday with Madi, Maddie and Emma.  They all came over for a sleepover and I took them to see the movie "17 Again"  it was really cute.  
I bought Olivia  a "chinese candle" for her birthday cake.  These candles are from China and are so cool.  It looks like a flower bud and once it's lit it opens up, spins and plays "Happy Birthday."  I plan on getting these candles for everyones birthday.  If you look at the photo of Olivia blowing out the candle you can see all the looked like a fire hazard, luckily the smoke detectors didn't go off.  

11 years old and all smiles

The Chinese candle

Whew....check out all the smoke!

Sweet girls :)

Madi, Olivia, Maddie and Emma

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh, Daisy Baby!!!!

Daisy is home!  On Friday afternoon we picked up Daisy and her sister, Maya.  Our friends, the Padilla family got a puppy from the same litter.  We surprised the kids, they thought the puppies were coming on Wednesday.  Daisy Doodle is doing great, she is such a sweetie!  It's been a nice rainy weekend to stay inside and enjoy our new puppy.  We are excited for Daisy to be able to have playdates with her sister, Maya.  They are so cute together.  Enjoy these photos. I am!

I am 18 inches long and weigh 5.9 lbs.

Loving snuggling in my blankie.  :)

The Schaefer and Padilla kids with the new babies.