Friday, October 10, 2014

Catching up...

I'm so behind in blogging...
it's been crazy around here!
I am going to catch everyone up in one post.
Here goes...
10 days after returning from our vacation to France my father passed away.
It was not unexpected... he had cancer and suffered for nearly 18 months.
I traveled to Kansas City for 10 days for my fathers funeral and to clear out his home. 
While I was there I also had to make arrangements for my 90 year old grandfather to go into a nursing home.  He has dementia and is no longer able to care for himself.
I'm not going to lie, it was the hardest 10 days of my life, very stressful and emotional.
Jeff stayed behind to hold down the fort and keep some sort of "normalcy" for the kids.
My father and I were never close and his passing has brought up lots of hard feelings.
The day before he passed I told him I forgave him.
Whew.. not easy.. 
Here is a photo of he and I when I was about 2-3.  
I may blog more about this later, but right now it's just too hard. 

Soccer season is upon us.
Both Olivia and Jack decided to play soccer this year for their school.
Olivia was at practice (the night of my fathers visitation) and dislocated her knee and suffered a bone bruise.  She has to wear a brace. 
She had to have an MRI.. and now has to start physical therapy.
Her soccer season was very short lived. 
Jack wanted to play, but our school (K-12) does not have a middle school team.
Jack asked the HS coach if he could be the team manager or water boy.
Well, the coach saw Jack play this past summer at camp and told Jack he could play up...
which means Jack is now playing on the HS boys JV team.
I have to say, he's rocking it.
I love watching him play.  He's keeping up with boys twice his size.
There's 4 more games left and I'm hoping to get out there with my big camera and get some photos.
Until then, here's a little iPhone photo.
Jack is #17

 Speaking of photos..
I'm have 4 senior sessions this month!
One is complete, one is in the editing process and I have 2 more to shoot and edit.
I still have to edit my France photos too, but it will have to wait.
I'm hoping to come up for air once October is over.
Here's a photo from my one of my senior sessions.
If I could build a business on just senior photos, I would. 
Hands down my favorite genre. :)