Monday, February 23, 2015

Cars and boys..

These days are so busy that I often don't post day to day happenings.
I realized I haven't posted much about Olivia and what she's been up to.
  I never thought I would love the teen years... I dreaded the thought, but 
I have to admit, I really do love this time.   Teenagers are funny.  
Olivia and her friends just crack me up.
Here's just a few fun things going on....

I realized I never posted here on the blog about Olivia's car.
We surprised Olivia with a car just before Christmas.
She had no clue and was super excited! 
Here she is moments after seeing her car for the first time.
This in an iPhone pic.
One happy girl!

Here she is washing her car.
She came home one day after school and started washing her car.
I know she loves her car, but this is not typical behavior...Olivia would rather do anything but clean, whether it be her car, room, etc. 
I asked her "why" she was washing her car???
Apparently, boys at school like to draw phallic symbols in the dirt, on her car.  
I couldn't help but laugh and for a second I thought.... 
How can I get those boys here to the house to draw their little symbols in her room and bathroom, so she will clean those too?  LOL!

Speaking of boys...
This is Olivia's boyfriend, Craig.
He is a really sweet kid and they've been dating for about 3 months.
This is a photo I took of them right before a Christmas party.

and I just can't forget to add this....
this is Craig's monster truck.
Yep, a BIG truck!
This is what's parked in my driveway on Friday and Saturday nights.  
Oh, boy .. these really are fun times.
I'm glad I'm documenting them.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

For Joan...

My dear friend, Joan has cancer.
Joan has been battling a rare form of cancer for over 12 years.
Joan was a neighbor of ours in Denver.
Joan's family has a lake cabin here in Washington and thankfully, because of this I get to see Joan and her family every summer. 
Lately, Joan has been having a harder time than usual...
She has been in ICU for the past month and has both a breathing tube and a feeding tube.
She has been on my mind constantly.
This past week I knew I wanted to drive to her family's lake cabin and pray for her and take some photos. I know the lake is Joan's happy place and I wanted to take some photos to send to her. 
I looked at my calendar and the only day that worked was Friday.
I was disappointed because I wanted to go sooner and I knew Friday's weather forecast was calling for clouds and rain.
I woke up Friday morning and realized, it was Joan's birthday!
I left the house for the 30 minute drive to the lake.
It was cloudy, foggy and misty..
I was disappointed because I desperately wanted to get some sun photos, not grey and cloudy.
As I continued driving towards the lake the sun came out and it was beautiful!
By the time I reached the like it was sunny and the fog was burning off.
I drove around and walked the lake property taking photos and praying for Joan.
As I left the lake and drove back towards home, again it was cloudy, foggy and misty. 
I couldn't shake the feeling God has shone down on the lake that morning for my friend, Joan.
I quickly uploaded the photos and sent them to her via email and wished her a happy birthday.
I found out this morning, she was released from the hospital yesterday and was able to spend her birthday at home.
Keep fighting Joan!  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year 2015 
The Year of the Sheep! 
Last weekend was beautiful and sunny here, so Lucy and I went out for our annual CNY photo shoot. 
She had outgrown all the silks we had bought in China when she was a baby.
We have some Chinese-American friends who traveled to China last year and brought back three beautiful silks for Lucy.
This one is probably my favorite... It's not silk, it's white linen with small pink flowers.
It's really beautiful.
When I look at these photos I get a little teary.. I can't believe my baby is growing up.
Just look at these photos.. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lights, Cameras, Jack!

Jack has been telling me for the past few years that he wants to get into acting.
He has done a few school musicals where he has a lead part or solo.  
He really is a performer and although, he has a shy side.. he's quick to warm up. 

Last month we found out there were going to be open talent auditions here in Spokane.
Jack asked if I would take him to the try-outs.  
I did a little research first to make sure the agency was legitimate and called them to find out what we needed to do. 
They emailed a commercial script for Jack to memorize before the audition and told us to bring a current photo.
We arrived at the audition and the place was packed with over 150 kids and their parents.  We waited almost 3 hours to finally get our turn.
Jack introduced himself and turned on his magic while reciting the script.
The talent scout was impressed and didn't hide it.
She even asked me why I hadn't gotten Jack into acting sooner.
The scout loved the fact that Jack looks so much younger than he actually is.. this is an asset in show business.   :)
She let it be known right then that Jack would be getting a call back for the next day. We didn't have to stress and wait for the call.  
Jack walked into the audition at 4'9 and walked out 6'9.  LOL!  
The next day we went back and long story short.. Jack is now signed with a talent agency and is beginning to go to auditions.
He has his first big audition this upcoming week and I'm both excited and nervous. 
There's a very good chance we could be traveling to Los Angeles in next month or two. 
As a mom I'm torn.. this is both exciting and scary...
Jeff and I are trying to just view this as Jack's "sport" and want to help him pursue his dreams. 
For now, we will have to see what happens.. 
maybe, he will get a chance to do a few local commercials or something much bigger.
Here are some recent photos I took for his acting portfolio.  

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Finding the light..

About this time every year I find myself unmotivated and rarely pick up my camera.
The days are short and grey.. 
and quite frankly I've never really enjoyed indoor photos. 
I love great summer golden light, I'm not going to lie, but this year I'm pushing myself to find the light.
I have told myself to either find light or create it. 
My 365 project is pushing me as well.
So, here's a few shots taken this week..
I'm loving black and white conversions for indoor photos. 
I'm thankful for kids who are willing to help me out after school.  :)