Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Home on TV

This is the video of our old home. These are my design friends who came over to use my home for their video production on home staging. Just a note....I did my home staging, but this is how it turned out for TV. :)

Sweet Livs

Olivia and I have had some mother/daughter bonding during this move.  She actually asked for a photo shoot this morning, usually I have to beg to get any photos.  We found this great old barn at a park by our apartment.  I look at these photos and can't believe my sweet Livs is 13!  

Take Me Home {Country Road}

Our new house is in a newer subdivision and was built in 2007.  I so badly wanted an older home with character and charm, but it just didn't work out.  I am happy about our new home and I'm excited to give it my personal touch.   The most exciting part is the gorgeous roads that lead to our subdivision.  It definitely has a rural feel and it's just a few miles from restaurants, shopping and the freeway.  Here are some photos of the roads leading to our house.  I do have some photos of the house, but I'm waiting until after our inspection on Wednesday.  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

CO to WA...the long road

We left on our big 3 day drive (adventure) from CO to WA.  We could have flown, but we decided to drive because we didn't want to fly Daisy Doodle...yes, we have become THOSE people.  :)
It was a fun and a gorgeous drive.  The kids did great and so did Daisy Doodle.  

 Our 1st stop, lunch in Craig CO to see our sweet "adopt teen" Marianne and her parents.

 Next stop, Jackson Hole WY.  We LOVE Jackson and can't wait to go back.

 Can you believe this archway made out of antlers?

 The Grand Tetons were amazing!!!

 I love this one with the lone tree by itself....I might enlarge this and hang it in my office.

 Then we hit Yellowstone National Park

 and even saw Old Faithful...
It was good to make a mini vacation out of move, now we look forward to the next chapter in our lives.  Good news is, we have a house!!! We close in 3 weeks.  :)  I cannot wait to get unpacked and settled.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

We're outta here...

Look who showed up this morning...

Yes, it's the moving truck and the packers.  They were here bright and early, a little too early considering we had friends here until after midnight last night.  :)

The packers are literally waiting for me to post this, so they can pack up the computer.....aahhhh!

We will be on the road to WA state this upcoming week.  See ya soon!

Joe and Larry, my new BFF's!  I love packers!  So much better than doing it myself.  

House Cooling Party

We decided it would be fun to host a "house cooling" party (house warming when you move in, house cooling when you move out).  I would love to take credit, but I stole the idea from a friend.  It was a great way to have all our friends and neighbors come say goodbye to us.  We had so much fun!  A huge thank you to all who came to send us off.  We will miss you!

 Jack and his buddies being garden gnomes....:)

Zai Jian {Goodbye}

Last Thursday, Lucy had her last day of Chinese School.  We have been fortunate enough to live just 10 minutes from the local Chinese Culture School, JCCC.  Lucy has been going to culture school here since she was 2 years old.  She loves learning the language, dance and culture.  She is going to miss her Chinese teachers and friends, I am too.  I cried when we had to say Zai Jian...goodbye.  :(

 Lucy with her dance teacher and friends.

 Miss Shirley and Miss Lu

 Lucy's dance performance

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End of year school program

Tonight was Jack and Lucy's end of the year school program.  It's always hot and packed with a ton of people and of course, I can never get a seat close enough to actually take any photos during the performance.  These were taken just before the program started. 

 Look who's not liking the "mamarazzi"

 There we go....

Jack and his buddy, Jack  :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lights, Cameras, Action..

I have a good friend and neighbor who is a local interior designer.  The design company she works for wanted to do a television production segment on home staging.  My friend suggested they use our home.  So, this morning a camera crew arrived at my house to film different rooms of my house and talk about how to stage a home to sell.  
I was a super fun morning and the segment will be airing in 2 weeks.  I will post the link when it becomes available.

 I'm going to miss my kitchen.  Jeff and I spent many hours making this kitchen just how we wanted it.

 Yes, that's the camera guy standing in my bathtub.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When things don't go as planned...

Sorry, I've been neglecting my blog.  I'm not in the best of spirits these days.  I flew to WA last week to be there for the inspection of our new/old home and after the 3.5 hour inspection we decided it would be best to back out of our contract.  I don't want to go into all the details, but bottom line is this home way too many issues that we don't want to deal with.  We have decided to postpone our house hunting until we are together in WA state.

So what now???  We have to be out of our current home in 13 days and we will be renting an apartment for the summer.  This gives us more time to look and find the exact home for us.  This does not thrill me, but I know there's just no other options at this point.  Good news is we will have a pool for the summer.  :)

Please, keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we transition through this.