Monday, October 29, 2012

GO Lucy!

Lucy rebounded quickly and was ready for her birthday/gotcha day celebration the next evening.
We went to Lucy's favorite place, Red Robin.
Here she is with her chocolate sundae. 
She loves having the staff sing to her, and she loves anything with a cherry on top. 
I always laugh because she's our little "cherry on top"  :)
These were all taken with my Iphone.  

 All three with smiles!

Here is Lucy earlier today at cheer practice. 
She is so excited about being a little dragon!  
GO Lucy GO!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lucy's unhappy birthday....

Yesterday was Lucy's 9th Birthday.
She woke up super excited.
All morning she talked all about our big plans for the evening, which included dinner at Red Robin, cake and of course, opening presents.  
About 2:30 in the afternoon, I received a phone call from the school saying Lucy was sick and throwing up. 
My heart sank....
my baby was sick and on her birthday???
I can't think of anything much worse for a 9 year old.   :(
I picked her up, brought her home and she slept a few hours and then opened up her birthday presents. 

 Asleep on the couch

A new dress!

 Some cowgirl boots!

and a popsicle eraser from Jack

Looks like we will be having a "do-over" this weekend!
Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Catching up...

I realized I hadn't posted any soccer or homecoming photos.
Here is Jack in the black uniform, number 12.
I have to say, he is really into his sport this season.
I am a proud mama when I hear parents on the other team yelling "watch out for number 12" he's lightning fast."  :)  
Now, that I have my new camera, I no longer have a tele-lens to capture sports shots.
It's on my list, but it will be a while....

 Olivia with her friends, Natalie and Kristen. 

Olivia's friend, Natalie hosted a "before party" at her house.
I was hoping for some beautiful outdoor photos, but it was dark by the time we got to it.
These photos are awful...I still despise indoor shots.  :(

Group shot

Homecoming at our new school is a "low-key" event.
There is no football team.
Originally, it was supposed to be a dressy event, then it turned to a casual "black light" dance.
Olivia has a beautiful dress, but decided to save it for the Winter Formal.
Smart girl, saving me some money! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012


I am taking another on-line photography class from Lisa over at the long road to china
This months theme is fall. 
I spent yesterday at Manito Park with my friend, Cathy.
I am working on "focus"
I have been practicing how to capture that crisp focus that makes for a great photo.
Fall is just starting here and I'm hoping to take more fall photos in the upcoming weeks.