Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Composition assignment

I am taking another photography course from Lisa over at The Long Road to China and this weeks assignment is "composition"
Since the weather is perfect....I decided I needed to go out shooting.  
Here's what I captured...

 This one is representing "texture"  This is a great barn close to my neighborhood.  I had to do some "creative" cropping to not show the ugly blue trash cans that were next to the barn.

This one is representing "layers"  it has a different element in each layer of the photo.
I'm not sure if this is a stretch, but I'm going with it for now.  :)
I just loved how this one turned out.

This one represents "leading lines"  The lines are supposed to draw your eye in.  
I had so much fun capturing the beauty of today.  
I am still waiting on my new camera and CANNOT wait!  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Birthday Girl!

I can't believe my sweet Olivia Grace is 14 today!
Happy Birthday!  We love you!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break

Grammy came to visit us for spring break!  We had so much fun.
The kids taught Grammy how to play video games....I'm not sure if she ever learned how to keep her car on the track.  :)
We went sight-seeing and shopping.  
The weather was awful....we have had the wettest spring on record and I'm feeling it.  
The grey days are awful....I'm taking lots of vitamin D.  

 Grammy and the kids in Sandpoint ID

Grammy and I at my favorite little breakfast/coffee shop

Spokane Falls

I ended up getting a very yucky virus last week and I missed Easter....that's right....I slept right through it.
I have no photos of the kids coloring their eggs or hunting for eggs...nada, nothing.  :(
Thankfully, Jeff and Grammy played Easter bunny and the kids had a great time.  I'm just bummed the photographer was too tired to take any photos.  I am happy to say, I'm on the mend.  I haven't been down like that for a long time.
I hope you had a great Easter!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Palindrome is defined as a word, phrase or number that may be read the same way in either direction.
Jack says he's 11 and he's a palindrome.  HA!!!

 Check out this crazy nerf gun!

 having friends over to celebrate....

 Jack wanted a Chinese candle even though it's a flower...he just loves the flame.  Luckily, this time we did not set off the smoke detectors.

 We called the Game Truck to help Jack and his friends celebrate.

 Can you tell Jack was excited to see the Game Truck???

 Inside the Game Truck...

Jack had a great time celebrating his palindrome birthday!
The Game Truck was awesome and we highly recommend it.