Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I survived November {barely}....

Here it is almost Christmas and I haven't blogged about my crazy November...
Have you ever had one of those months that throw you into a tailspin?
So, here goes...
November 6th, I'm on my way to a "girls" lunch with my mom, Olivia and Jennifer. The girls didn't have school and I thought it would be fun.  On our way we passed a small Christian college that's close to our house.  We were stopped for a pedestrian in the crosswalk when all of a sudden a woman slammed into the back of my car going about 30 miles per hour.  Witnesses said she was looking down, probably texting... Luckily, no one was hurt.
My old trusty Land Cruiser took it like a champ, the little Honda that hit me...not so much.  
We ended up with a new bumper.

Fast forward one week later...
November 13 (Friday the 13th).. Olivia was with her boyfriend trying to cross 3 lanes of traffic to get to Starbucks and ended up crashing her car...
Again, no one was hurt.. But, Olivia's car was totaled. 

Then November 17th.. We here in Spokane experienced a "windstorm" guts over 70mph.
We lost power for 60 hours, no electricity, no heat (other than a gas fireplace that doesn't work very well).  Schools were closed and we sat around trying to keep warm.  As luck would have it, Jeff was out of town on business and missed the whole thing. 
Here's some iphone pics from the storm.

 Yep, I broke my McDonald's rule.. It tasted good by candlelight..  :)

 We had fun one night making shadow puppets. 

Every year for Thanksgiving we go to our friends cabin to celebrate.  It's fun to "get off the grid", but I have to admit I was not too excited since we had been "off the grid" only a week earlier.  
We had a great time as always and of course ate way too much.

 View from the cabin

 We ended up with too many pies this year.. we had a pie per person..  
Oh man, it was good!

To finish off the month, we received notices from Lucy's and Olivia's schools about a lice infestation.
Well, as you can imagine this threw me over the edge and I was doing daily lice checks, washing everything in hot and vacuuming every surface in the house.
I then had psychosomatic lice for the next week.  Ugh!
Luckily, there have been no signs of lice.  
So, all in all I guess I can say I'm thankful for all the blessings we received and
Thankful November is over..  

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Earthier said...

That was a crazy month. You will look back on that storm with happy memories one day. It will be a "remember when" story.