Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas and 2015 wrap up...

 Trying to catch up today on the blog...
We had a great Christmas.. Low key, quiet, quality time together kind of Christmas.
The best part was we had a WHITE Christmas... It's just what I needed this year. 
Having the kids out of school gave me time to have a few photo shoots with Lucy.
Here she is in her elf pjs and santa hat with some of our packages.
Mom and I had so much fun wrapping this year.. I love the beauty of a simple wrapped package and pretty ribbon.

I saw some fun snow pics on Pinterest with girls in semi-formal dresses, I showed them to Lucy and she volunteered to brave the cold in a party dress to take some fun pics. :)

This one is my favorite.. 

I had picked Jennifer (our exchange student) up from school on the last day of finals and she couldn't wait to help shovel the snow and build a snowman.
My mom helped and he turned out super cute.
I had ordered a "snowman kit" years ago and found it in time to dress him up.  

At last Christmas Eve.. These photos are a little off due to my white balance, but I'm posting them anyway...
Here's everyone by the tree after they opened their Christmas pjs.

My girls..

Lucy with my moms dog, Pippa. 
We are now getting ready to ring in 2016.
I'm excited to see what the new year holds.
I'm not making resolutions this year, but intentions instead. 
I'm letting go of some things I've been holding to and I'm ready to make some self discoveries this year. 

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