Wednesday, November 11, 2015

...and my other senior

...and my other senior, Jennifer
Jennifer is our international student from Beijing, China.
Jennifer was also with us last school year.
Jennifer has been a fun addition to our family.
She is super smart, has a great sense of humor and is beautiful inside and out.
Jennifer has promised if she ever writes a tell all book about life with an American Family, she will not use our real names.  LOL!
Jennifer and Olivia are both knee deep in college applications..
I'm excited to see the acceptance letters about to come in...
Both Jennifer and Olivia are only looking at one in-state school (not the same one)... all the rest are out of state. 
I have two about to leave the nest and this school year is flying by... 
There will be much more to post in the upcoming months... 

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Earthier said...

This is always and exciting and bittersweet time. Enjoy the ride!